Bulgarian Cluster for Information and Communication Technologies

Foundation “Bulgarian Cluster for Information and Communication Technologies” is a cluster initiative supporting emergence and development of clusters in the filed of ICT in Bulgaria. The organization main objective is ICT SME growth and development through promotion of cooperation, building competitiveness and creation of new business opportunities.

ICT Cluster is a horizontal organization. It has ambition to create and to be mentor of successful vertical clusters in different segments of ICT sector.  

Foundation “Bulgarian Cluster for Information and Communication Technologies” was created in 2005 as a platform for fruitful dialog and collaboration between ICT business and state administration. At the beginning, main activities of the foundation were focused to support government in elaboration of the basic ICT policies. 

According to new economic challenges, in 2008 the organization changed its main priorities and focused all activities to help ICT SME to increase their competitiveness and to develop internationally.

ICT Cluster is recognized as one of the core centers of cluster knowledge in Bulgaria. It is a member of several European cluster platforms and networks and maintains very good relationship with many European and world clusters. 

Contact Information
02 489 97 44
Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. 7th km, BIC IZOT, Floor 2, Office № 290
1784 Sofia, 23