Services & Platforms

In line with the four "engines" driving excellence in the digital economy, EMF promotes the e-Champions and Europe's digital economy through:


Through the e-Jobs Observatory, EMF participates in specifying new e-jobs Profiles emerging from the digital economy, issues Guidelines for traning organisations developing curricula for these Profiles, promotes training organisations that follow the Guidelines through a Label of Excellence and certifies individual curricula. Furthermore, EMF takes part in policy development at European level, in particular through the Workshop on ICT Skills of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Skills/Competences, qualifications and Occupations (ESCO). 


EMF is a pioneer of innovation acceleration at European level. It specialises in innovation brokerage, a methodology consisting in ascertaining innovation opportunities in close collaboration with user communities in specific downstream buyer markets, creating innovation partnerships between SMEs to address these opportunities and involving applied research institutions upstream into the development of industry-driven innovation scenarios. Two pilot areas in which EMF is currently particularly involved are language technologies and technologies for access to cultural heritage.  


EMF and its Executive Advisors support members in securing investment from private and public sources. Through its long-standing relations with the European Commission, EMF has first-hand knowledge of EU funding programmes and participated in more than 30 successful projects. Through its network, EMF supports the building of project consortia at European and international level while innovation brokerage (see above) forges commercial projects and attracts private funding. Secretary General Margaretha Mazura is the expert for funding resources.


EMF is convinced that a Digital Single Market is only possible if it is multilingual - for the benefit of SMEs, eCommerce, and citizens. Therefore, EMF is part of the Language Technology Observatory that provides easy access to Language Resources and a guide to funding opportunities for Language Technologies, Machine Translation - but not only restricted to these topics!